BBnaija season 6: introduction of housemates

-BBnaija season 6: introduction of housemates

It’s the 6th season of the annual Big Brother Naija reality show and new housemates have been welcomed into the Big Brother Naija house, the males were introduced on Saturday, July 24 while the females on Sunday, July 25.

This season is themed “Shine ya Eye” with Abeg and Patricia being the sponsors of the show.

The winner goes home with the 90 million naira grand prize.

The new male housemates are:

Boma the first housemate in the big brother Naija “shine ya eye” house is a model and an even planner. He promises to be unpredictable.

Saga an engineer is the second contestant for the reality show.

Yousef a secondary school teacher also becomes the third housemate.

Pere, a natural-born drama king becomes the fourth housemate.

Light-skinned Whitemoney is the fifth housemate for the “shine ya eye” season.

Niyi, the sixth housemate, is married with a kid.

Yerins, a medical doctor is the seventh housemate.

Jaypaul a native of cross-river, the eight housemates join other contestants in the quest for the grand prize.

Emmanuel, former mister Africa is the ninth bbnaija season 6 housemate.

Sammie from Kaduna state, a filmmaker is the tenth contestant.

Cross, the last male housemate owns a fitness center and spa, he lives by “the rule of love”.


Meet the female housemates:

Angel is the twelfth housemate and first female contestant of the bbnaija “shine ya eye” season, she has 11 tattoos.

The thirteenth housemate, Peace from cross-river, has a simple strategy.

Single mum Jackie B is the fourteenth housemate.

Tega who has found the balance of being calm and hot-headed makes the fifteenth housemate.

Arin, the lady with 17 piecings becomes the sixteenth housemate.

Maria a hostess-turned-realtor in Dubia from Imo state is the seventh housemate.

Dancer Liquorose is the eighteenth housemate.

The nineteenth housemate for season 6 is Beatrice. She’s not to be caught fighting for food nor a man.

Princess, a taxi driver makes the twentieth housemate.

Saskay is the twenty-first housemate.

Nini the twenty-second housemate is a fashion model and an economist.


Watch out for what the twenty-two-season six housemates will bring to the show.

Visit: https://www.instagram.com/bbnaija021_updates/ to view their pictures.

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