Aviation fuel skyrockets to N903/liter



As of yesterday, August 16, the price of aviation fuel, also known as Jet A1, increased to N903 per liter from N880 on Monday, August 15, the situation in the Nigerian aviation sector appears to have no sign of resolution.

According to the Daily Trust, the change has increased demand for airline tickets, resulting in prices as high as N200,000 for a return ticket between Lagos and Abuja and N150,000 to N200,000 depending on when you book.

Max Air charges between N74,000 and N100,000 for an Abuja-Kano journey, while Air Peace charges between N74,000 and N80,000. Abuja-Maiduguri on Max Air costs N90,000, and Lagos-Kaduna on Azman Air costs N130,000 on Wednesdays. The current one-way rate between Lagos and Abuja is N80,000, but if you travel within the next 24 hours, the price might reach N150,000.

An Air Peace ticket from Abuja to Kano costs between N140,000 and N160,000 for a roundtrip and N78,000 for a one-way. N150,000 for a roundtrip from Abuja to Gome, and N75,000 for a one-way. A one-way ticket from Abuja to Port Harcourt costs N100,000, and from Abuja to Lagos, N75,000 to N100,000.

A one-way ticket for the Wednesday (today) Air Peace flight from Lagos to Enugu costs N150,000, according to the checks.

According to information received from operators on Monday, the petroleum was sold for N880 per litre in Kano, N780 in Abuja, and N740 in Lagos. However, on Tuesday, because to the higher cost of bridging suffered by marketers from Lagos, it was sold for N903 in the North.

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