#BBNaija: Jaypaul and Jackie B evicted from the “Shine Ya Eye” House



-#BBNaija: Jaypaul and Jackie B evicted from the “Shine Ya Eye” House

It’s another Sunday night eviction show and at least one of the big brother Naija “shine, ya eyes” housemates will leave the big brother’s house.

The contestants up for possible eviction this week are Liqurose, Whitemoney, Saga, Jackie B, Queen, and JayPaul.

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JayPaul, and Jackie B were the two housemates to be evicted from the Bigbrother Naija house.

Below are replies to questions thrown to the housemates by Ebuka

Queen says, she likes Whitemoney and doesn’t want to share him with anyone, she described him as her “acting boyfriend”, She likes Cross too.

JAyPaul says Pere is his guy, although he confronts him on things he isn’t cool about.

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White money finds Jackie B attractive, she’s aware and they are taking things maturely.

Emmanuel describes an entertaining housemate as one who’s active.

Liquorose, is willing to build friendships with housemates she found interesting if she survives the eviction.

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Angel reveals, she and Cross have an understanding and they are best friends.

Youself is attracted to Angels Personalities and they have an understanding.

Pere said he and Maria had a connection before her eviction from the big brother Naija house, he Likes and misses her.

Jackie B when questioned by Ebuka said she sees Whitemoney as a “father figure” from the unset, that hasn’t changed. She is ready to pursue things with Micheal outside the house.

JAyPaul said he was still friends with Cross after Sasky choose him over Cross because he’s a cool guy, and doesn’t have bad blood.

He noticed Cross was feeling a sort of way and wanted to discuss the situation with Cross but Sasky discouraged him

JAyPaul also revealed Sasky being in a relationship outside the house didn’t bother him because whatever she wants is up to her.

-#BBNaija: Jaypaul and Jackie B evicted from the “Shine Ya Eye” House

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