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Building The Right Foundation of Money Making in the 21st Century

-Building The Right Foundation of Money Making in the 21st Century

In older years, due procedures were followed in living life, our parents lived their lives one stage to another as it came and weren’t so much in a hurry to make it overnight out of nothing.

This century, the 21st century, came with its own pressure on the younger generation, a 15-year-old boy is already under pressure by some forces which include his peer groups, social media, and the society at large to make it at a tender age.

The urge to make money at a tender age isn’t a bad one with learning and building oneself achieving these feet at a very young age is very possible and attainable, but everything depends on one’s foundation.

Building The Right Foundation of Money Making in the 21st Century

Reading Culture:

There is knowledge about virtually everything we seek on the internet, in books, and other media. Building and developing the culture of reading is the first step in acquiring wealth.

You need knowledge, and if someone isn’t teaching you about a skill, you should be researching on your own, this is where the reading culture comes in.

Reading also exposes your mind to the various professions, ethnics, and knowledge, this in return enlightening you about various aspects which can help you efficiently choose a career path you love and can earn vigorously from.

Enrolling in Online/Physical classes:

Having a tutor, a guardian, or a coach, eases and fastens the learning process, these tutors have already made in-depth researches and study of the field in question, they know the secrets and vital parts already, so they give you the key to getting started and succeeding in the desired field.

When enrolling under a coach, make researches about him/her, interrogate his/her previous students, know the learning standard before signing in or registering. This will help you choose the best coach for your study.


To be very good in a field, you need constant learning and practice, challenge yourself, move ahead of your tutor, Pair up with other students, also try to learn from them, this helps you expand your knowledge thereby preparing yourself to be the best.

Start-Up a Project:

I tell my friends, and students that I have coached, that picking up a project is the fastest and easiest way to learn a skill. For instance, you are learning a programming language like PHP, learn from one or two tutors, then pick up a project, start from something minute, then grow to bigger projects.

Learning without practicing, can make someone forget all he has learned, It doesn’t matter how good he/she was during the learning process.

Strive to be the best:

This should be a great man’s goal. With the mindset of being the best, you strive to pay attention to details, take your time in learning, task yourself with projects and be humble with your colleagues and tutors because you can gain knowledge from everyone.

Follow accomplished businesses of your career path on social media:

As funny as it may sound, there’s no business no one has never tried out before. So search for accomplished businesses of your field, follow them on Instagram, monitor and observe how they carry out their services. You can learn some of their strategies by just observing.

Join Social Media Groups:

As a starter, this should be one of the first steps to consider, search for fellow peers with like interests, join groups with like minds, ask questions, read suggestions then build yours.

Avoid Procrastination:

This is the key to getting started, don’t say, I don’t have the resources to start, I’m waiting for the right time to start. Start now, Take charge now and start building your desired empire.

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