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Indian customers of Range Rover place a higher value on customization than those of other types of automobiles.

Land Rover provides a number of standard choices when reserving a new Range Rover Sport or the flagship Range Rover SUV, but you may also add unique extras à la carte as you see fit. The fact that many Indian customers choose to purchase the basic model and then just add the extras they want is an intriguing trend.

The Range Rover is one of the several JLR SUVs imported from CBU.
The wait times are unaffected by customization.
The “basic” SE model has a tonne of functionality even without upgrades.

With no suffix in its name, the top-of-the-line Range Rover is available in conventional and long-wheelbase models, with three engine choices, five trim levels, and several seating configurations. This demonstrates the astounding 37 possibilities available! Naturally, it may be costly and daunting as one moves up the ladder. The new Range Rover Sport greatly consolidates this market with just seven versions.

However, Indian customers may still further modify these SUVs after choosing a modification. This is not uncommon at this end of the market, since the majority of models are CBU imports, and customization is not just accepted but encouraged.

A luxury car’s aesthetic customization may be seen in elements like paint colors, alloy wheels, upholstery, interior trim, and finishes. Additionally, some provide mechanical improvements like a handling pack (torque vectoring, Active Steering, sports suspension), as well as add-on packs for communications (Connected Car Technology, Wi-Fi, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto), driving assistance (ADAS features), and even communications.

There are variances in imported Range Rover automobiles as well.

The I-Pace, Discovery, and Defender are just a few of the JLR CBU vehicles available in India. Many extras may be selected independently. Among them are imported Range Rovers. It is possible to buy various variations with cup holders, wireless charging, more sophisticated digital lighting, a premium audio system, and 4-zone climate control. Back window shutters, off-road modes, and a rear entertainment display are further choices.

The good news is that JLR India claims that altering your vehicle won’t lengthen the wait, which is now between 12 and 15 months for the Range Rover. This is because there is always a customization option available throughout the construction of these products.

As a consequence, it seems that more and more Indian customers are choosing lower-end devices and adding just the functions they want rather than taking the chance of getting things they don’t want if they choose higher-end models. As a consequence, a specification that virtually matches a high trim level may be designed for less money.

When personalization works (and when it doesn’t)

The manufacturing line cannot move as swiftly for a customized or customized car as it can for a mass-produced one. Individual orders must be fulfilled, and the more choices are picked, the longer it takes to make an item, and the more it deviates from the fundamental standards, the more orders must be fulfilled. The phrase “made to order” was created since it also implies that the order must be received before the car is manufactured. Because production lines are shorter, more work is done by hand, and clients don’t mind waiting longer, it works best for more costly items.

On the other hand, mass-produced cars are constructed with changeable characteristics, with color being the sole difference. Producers are able to create items in advance to be delivered as soon as customers submit their purchases as a consequence. The production mix may be altered in response to demand as consumer preferences are identified over time, with more popular colors, variations, and powertrains being manufactured. It is, nevertheless, a lot more efficient than allowing customers to design their cars.



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