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Nir Grover, a rich Indian businessman, is a success story.

Delhi, India (Monitoring Desk) It is unusual in the world for an entrepreneur to succeed with such rapidity. Ashneer Grover is an Indian. He established the online payment business “BharatPe,” and as of this writing, his assets total more than 21,300 crore Indian rupees. The success of his marriage to Madhuri Jain Grover has been crucial.

On July 4, 2006, Ashneer and Madhuri Jain were wed. Madhuri was already a “entrepreneur” before she got married. 15 years ago, they both connected via “Career Launcher.” They currently have a boy named Avi and a daughter named Manat. With the help of his wife Madhuri, Ashneer established “Bharat Pay” after getting married.

Even after founding the business, Ashneer always had the support of his wife. Ashneer’s mother is a teacher, while his father is a professional accountant. In 2006, he earned his B.Tech. in civil engineering from the IIT Delhi and his MBA from the IIM Ahmedabad.

Vice President Ashner began his first position with Kotak Investment Banking. In 2018, Ashner began working on “Bharat Pay,” but he was unable to recruit many people. This time, his wife also joined the business and began investigating the banking and financial control departments. He created “Bharat Pay” in October 2018 with less than 20 people. Currently, this company has offices in 13 Indian cities.



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