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The video of Tanisha Sharma’s claimed boyfriend Ashiq has also been released, in addition to Indian actress Shizan.

Shizan Khan, an actor, was charged with negligence. According to reports, Tanisha was upset by Shizan’s friendships with females other than herself, which is said to be the cause of the suicide.

Shortly after Tanisha committed suicide, the authorities detained Shizan Khan and are currently holding him. Because they can rise, security should be provided.

Tanisha Sharma, however, was subsequently seen on camera kissing a young man by the name of Gaurav Bhagat in a social media video. Tanisha continued pressuring me to edit the reel, which I did, according to Gaurav Bhagat’s Instagram account. Tanisha Bhagat may be seen kissing in a couple videos that Gaurav Bhagat released on Instagram after Tanisha Sharma passed away. Now that this video has been modified.

In another essay by Gaurav Bhagat, he said, “Things were not going as I had wanted, so I had planned to come back to India and offer you a surprise.”



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