First experience using an aircraft



-First experience in an aircraft

Using an aircraft is one of the fastest means of transportation. It could be exciting when used for the first time while for some others, it might seem nervous.

Everyone who has used an aircraft, has their first-time experience, especially during take-off and landing.

When are ready to use an aircraft, firstly you have to get your flight tickets to secure a seat on the flight. Booking a flight earlier can save some cost.

On the day of your travel, on getting to the airport, you check-in, you can check in your large luggage too. You’ll need your identity card for checks.

After that take your hand luggage for check and proceed to the departure hall, listen for when your flight will be ready for boarding.

First experience in an aircraft
Picture showing the seat numbers in an aircraft taken with an iPhone camera

Next is to prepare yourself for take-off, put on your seat belt, sit upright, keep your handbags, or other loads with your under the seat in front of you.

First experience in an aircraft
©interior picture

The air hostess at this point gives you the necessary instructions including safety in the plane.

Takeoff and landing are usually announced and it’s at this point you might get nervous as a first-timer. You might experience some bumps and some mind skips, You might feel turbulence too, which is also normal.

While discussing with people about their first experience, a lady said, she was cool until takeoff, she felt some mind skips, her ears felt full, she couldn’t look outside the window until it got higher.

She also felt like there were potholes in the air paths, she also noticed some turbulence and it felt the plane took some corners to take other routes.

Well, all these are normal when using a Plane.

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