George Lopez Net Worth (Best You Need To Know)

George Lopez Net Worth

George Lopez is a well-known American comedian, actor, and TV shows host, George Lopez net worth is about $45 Million American dollars in 2022 and he is one of the richest and top comedians in America.

George Lopez is a famous American Comedian of the 21st century, he became very popular for hosting a late-night television show from 2002-2007, The George Lopez Show which has 6 Seasons of about 120 Episodes.

George Lopez’s salary is around $12 million American dollars, making him the world’s highest-paid comedian. George Lopez net worth majorly comes from his show The George Lopez Show

Name George Lopez
George Lopez Net Worth $45 Million American Dollars

George Lopez Net Worth

George Lopez Early Life and Education

George Lopez is a famous stand-out comedian known for leading the self-produced sitcom. George Lopez was born on 23 April 1961 in California. George Lopez’s Parents left him when he was just 10 years old.

Lopez was taken care of and raised by his Grandmother Benita Gutierrez, and step-grandfather Refugio Gutierrez who was working as labor in a construction company.

George Lopez

George Lopez’s life was very hard and challenging in childhood as he struggle very hard and became a famous comedian. He started his career as a stand-out performer as a comedian in 1980 which made him a millionaire after a few years as George Lopez net worth increased to $45 million in 2022.

George Lopez has done his early schooling at San Fernando High School and graduated in 1979.

Date of Birth: April 23, 1961
Gender: Male/Married
George Lopez  Height and Weight: 1.78m (5 ft.10 inches) and 235 pounds
Nationality: USA/California
Profession:  Comedian, Tv Host, Actor

George Lopez family

George Lopez (George Edward Lopez) has a lovely family, Anastasio Lopez the father of the comedian, and his mother Frieda left him at a very early age when he was just 10. In 1993 George Lopez turn into a relationship and tied a knot with  Ann Serrano.

They have a beautiful daughter Mayan. Unfortunately on 27 September 2010 both George Lopez and Ann Serrano the famous couple decided to end their marriage and get divorced on 1 July 2011.

 George Lopez family

In 2004 George Lopez faces find himself with health problems. He decided to ignore his kidney issue and focused on  completing  the 4th season of his self-produced show “The George Lopez Show”,

His personal doctor advised a kidney transplant and his lovely wife Ann Serrano decided to donate her kidney to her husband. Lopez’s health took some time in getting recovery.

Father Name Anastasio Lopez
Mothers Name Frieda Lopez
Wife Name Ann Serrano
Children’s Mayan Lopez
Real  Name George Edward Lopez

George Lopez Career

George Lopez was known as a struggle who had put in hard work before getting an opportunity, he starts his career in the 1990s when he hosted a morning show on radio channel 92.3 in Los Angeles.

George Lopez releases his first of many comedy album Alien Nation in 1996 followed by a sitcom when approached by Sandra Bullock.

After the success of his album in the United States and other countries, Lopez was approached by the famous actress Sandra Bullock to produce and lead in a comedy.

Then ABC accepted and picks the series in 2002 and George become one of the most famous Latino comedians on TV shows. The George Lopez Show was canceled in 2007 at the end of the 6th season.

George Lopez’s HBO drama was  Real Women Have Curves released in 2002 which was later awarded an audience award.

George Lopez Released from 2002 to 2007
America’s Mexican Released  in 2007
Lopez Tonight Released from 2009 to 2011
Amerian Got Talent Released  in 2016
The Neighborhood Released in 2021
Lopez vs. Lopez Released  in 2022

George Lopez’s Other Works

George Lopez is also a writer and wrote the famous book Why You Crying which was published by Touchstone/Fireside and became the top 20 bestseller book.George Lopez net worth got boost after his books success.

George Lopez hosted the famous all-time Latin Grammy Awards two times and co-hosted the same award show Emmy Awards one time.


George Lopez Nomination

George Lopez a top comedian was nominated three times for famous Grammy Awards in 2003, 2007, and 2009. Lopez won the Hall of Fame award in 2006 for his achievements in comedy.

How much Money did George Lopez make from his show

George Lopez start his show in 2002 which have 6 seasons, Lopez make $12 million for each season, his show The George Lopez Show covers 60 percent of George Lopez Net Worth

Real Estate of George Lopez

George Lopez bought 2.67 million properties in the Los Angeles hills in September 2014. House has a luxurious swimming pool with a big garden. His Properties make a big contribution to George Lopez net worth.

George Lopez Buys in Los Feliz – DIRT

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