Greg Oden Net Worth

Greg Oden (Gregory Wayne Oden Jr.) is a former professional Basketball player of America. Greg Oden net worth is $17 Million American dollars in 2022.

Name Greg Oden
Greg Oden Net Worth $17 Million American Dollars
Greg Oden Net Worth
Greg Oden Net Worth

Greg Oden was one of the best basketball players in the sport when he was healthy and at his peak, he is known as one of the Greatest Busts in NBA Basketball History.

Greg Oden was a dominant player history known as an Indiana Mr. Basketball player, who has played in the best basketball teams “Portland Trail Blazers and Miami Heat”. He has to quit because of his Numerous injuries.

Greg Oden is one of the richest former basketball players who has played this beautiful game, Greg Oden net worth of $17 Million Dollars as per reports in 2022.

Date of Birth: January 22, 1988
Gender: Male
Greg Oden Height and Weight: 2.13m (7 ft.0inches) and 129 Kg
Nationality: USA/New York
Profession:  Basketball Player

Greg Oden Early Life & Family

Gregory Wayne Oden Jr or famously known as Grey Oden was born in Buffalo, New York, on January 22nd.1988, New York but later move on to Terre Haute, Indiana with his mother “Zoe Oden” and Brother “Anthony Oden”.

He started playing basketball in his very early life. He was raised by his parents. Greg Oden starts his early Schooling at Lawrence North High School where he was a basketball player.

Greg Oden Net Worth And Family
Greg Oden Net Worth And Family

He won and made three championships in his own name and became the Indiana Mr. Basketball player of 2006. Greg Oden enrolls at Ohio State University. And graduated with a sports Industry degree.

Greg Oden has a lovely family. In 2016 Greg Oden and Sabrina Williams got engaged. These lovely partners got married on 3rd September 2017, in Maui Hawaii. This lovely couple has one beautiful daughter “Londyn Oden”.

Greg Oden Net Worth And Family
Greg Oden Net Worth And Family

Greg Oden Career

Greg Oden was always passionate about Basketball he starts playing basketball in high school and got famous as the best player and later join his university team to play the next season 2006-07. But unfortunately, his wrist surgery take place in 2006 he was injured in the late high school season.

Greg starts his first match against “Valparaiso” and won the game with 14 points, 10 rebounds, and 5 blocks. During the same year coach, “Steve Kerr” was impressed with Greg Oden’s abilities and called him a “once in decade Player”.

Greg Oden professionally starts his career on 20th April 2007. Where he became a member of the NBA Draft. He was the No.1 Pick of the Portland Trail Blazers. Greg Oden signs a contract of two seasons.

Greg Oden’s right knee injury take place on 14th September 2007 which cause him to miss the whole season.

Later recovering from his all-injuries Oden played against Milwaukee Bucks and won with the highest points of his whole career “24 points and 15 rebounds” with a total of 105-85 points. Again, Oden got himself injured in a match against Golden State Warriors and missed three weeks of the season due to a left knee injury.

Greg Oden Net Worth And Family
Greg Oden Net Worth And NBA

In 2013, Greg Oden signs a contract with Miami Heat and start his regular season in 2009 and lost against Washington Wizards “114-97 points”. In 2014, Oden manage victory “93-79” against Chicago Bulls as a Heat member.

Later in 2015, Greg Oden signed a contract with Jiangsu Dragons for $1.2 Million for one season. And recorded the highest point of “22 points” this season and won against Shandong.

Greg Oden became the team manager for the Ohio Basketball team and decided to complete college and graduate in Sports Industry.

Greg Oden Net Worth And Family
Greg Oden Net Worth

Real Estate

Greg Oden purchase House in Dublin worth $800 Thousand Dollars in 2017 which is “5,300 square-foot, 4 Bathrooms, and 4 bathrooms including one half-bathroom.

Why did Greg Oden take retirement?

Greg Oden takes retirement from basketball due to his injury problems.

Why Greg Oden was Charged with Battery?

On 11th August 2014, was charged with Battery for hitting a punch on his ex-girlfriend’s face.

What is the Salary of Greg Oden?

Greg Oden has an annual income of $1.5 Million Dollars. Grey Oden net worth is estimated at $17 Million dollars

How many games Greg Oden plays for NBA?

Greg Oden plays 105 matches in his NBA career before his knee injury.

What is the total net worth of Greg Oden’s career?

Greg Oden is one of the richest basketball players he has a total estimated net worth of $16 Million Dollars.

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