IT expert hangs himself after failed engagement to his fiancée, dept, losing £1.5million Cotswolds home



After running off his wealthy Chinese girlfriend after their breakup, and getting into huge debts, an IT specialist was found hanged at his mother’s house.

An attack, debt, and the loss of his £1.5 million Cotswolds property were just a few of the emotional tragedies that UCL graduate Shaun Dowling underwent before taking his own life at age 31. His mental state has gotten worse.

The ‘brilliant’ computer expert was found on August 2 of last year by his mother, who had been forced to return home, according to the information given to Winchester Coroners Court.

The highly intelligent computer engineer who earned two master’s degrees—one in engineering mathematics from Bristol University and another in machine learning from University College London—was Mr. Dowling, according to evidence presented at his inquest.

His father, Mike Dowling, claimed that he traveled between well-paying jobs at various start-ups and had an “unconventional career path.”

Then, Mr. Dowling founded his own prosperous investment company with Ms. Mills, his affluent fiancee who was the young inheritor of her mother’s enormous money.

IT expert hangs himself after his engagement broke down, dept, losing his £1.5million Cotswolds home.
IT expert Mr. Dowling with Ms. Mills

The couple resided in a property on the edges of the Cotswolds in Chipping Norton, an Oxfordshire market town that is home to famous people like The Beckhams, Jeremy Clarkson, and David Cameron.

According to testimony at his inquest, Mr. Dowling had “all to live for,” but as his engagement ended in the fall of 2020, his mental health started to deteriorate.

The relationship between Mr. Dowling and yoga instructor Ms. Mills ended when she was unable to handle his unpredictable behavior, the inquest was told. Mr. Dowling was then arrested for attacking Ms. Mills.

Around this time, Mr. Dowling’s relationship with his father started to deteriorate due to differences over how he was spending his life.

Later, in April 2021, he violated his release terms by going back to their house and “scaring” her. He was later accused of violating his bail after the police arrived.

Mr. Dowling’s mental health began to rapidly deteriorate at this point, and in June 2021, he was sectioned at a mental health facility because he was manic.

After Mr. Dowling discharged himself from the hospital, he moved home with his mother in Overton.

When he started talking about committing suicide, his mother Pam remarked, “I had no idea how to help.”

Mr. Dowling was able to mend their strained relationship with his dad, and they had already started talking about how to handle his debt.

However, on August 2 of last year—the day he was scheduled to see a psychiatrist—his mother discovered her son hanging.

According to reports, Mr. Dowling, who was born and raised in Hampshire, came from a “stable” and “loving” home and had “plenty of friends.”

He loved to teach Pilates, martial arts, and life coaching and was “focused on his physical and spiritual wellbeing.”

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