Jerry Mathers Net Worth(All You Need To Know)

Jerry Mathers Net Worth

Jerry Mathers is a famous American movie and television series actor, Jerry Mathers net worth is $3 Million American Dollars and is known as one of the millionaires on the American actor’s list.

Jerry  Mathers Net worth is among the top actors of the 19th century, he got his fortune and success after working in  Sitcom Leave It to Beaver. He has done acting in The Adventures of Ozzie and This is my Love after early success.

Name Jerry Mathers
Jerry Mathers Net Worth $3 Million American Dollars

Jerry Mathers Net Worth

Jerry Mathers Early Life And Education

Jerry Mathers also known as The Beaver is a proud American who was born on 2 June 1998 in Sioux City. Jerry spent his childhood in Los Angeles. Jerry has been in acting since his childhood.

Jerry Mather has done his initial schooling at Notre Dame High School and then, later on, graduated from the University of California, Berkeley.

Date of Birth: June 2, 1948
Gender: Male/Married
Jerry Mathers Height and Weight: 1.7m (5 ft.57 inches) and 81Kg
Nationality: USA/Sioux City
Profession: Television Actor, Film Actor

Jerry Mathers Family

Jerry Mathers has a beautiful family, Norman Mathers the father of Jerry, and her mother Marilyn Mathers along with one sister and two brothers.

In 1974 Jerry got into a relationship with Diana Platt who was also his class fellow during college, unfortunately, their relationship do not last for a long time and the couple got divorced in 1981.

He married  Rhonda Gehring from whom he had three beautiful children, unfortunately, they got divorced in 1997 after personal clashes. Jerry Mathers got into a relationship for the third time with Teresa Modnick in 2011.

Father Name Norman Mathers
Mothers Name Marilyn Mathers
Wife Name Teresa Modnick(Married), Rhonda Gehring(Divorced), Diana Platt(Divorced)
Children’s Noah Jerry, Mercedes Jerry, and Gretchen Jerry
Nick Name The Beaver

Jerry Mathers' Wife

Jerry Mathers Career

Jerry Mather is an American his career started as early as it could be When he was just 2 years old has done a commercial for a local departmental store followed by ads for  Pet Milk. Jerry Mathers Net Worth started to grow in his childhood.

When he was just 4 years he has done the movie Son of Paleface and followed by acting in The Adventures of Ozzie and Working in Sitcom Leave It to Beaver.

His Success started with Leave It to Beaver after the producer selected him for the role after the audition. Jerry Mather went on with the show for almost 234 episodes. The Show was a super hit and was telecasted in 40 languages and 80 countries around the globe.

Jerry was in acting from a very early age so he decided to go on with his studies and then joined US Army in 1965. He was a member of the famous US Army unit 146th Airlift Wing. His army career was short as he left the army in 1969.

He worked in Bank and followed by his investment in real estate and many movies and television shows.

Son of Paleface Released  in 1952
The Seven Little Foys Released  from 1955
The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet Released  in 1952
The War at Home Released  2006
Leave It to Beaver Released  from 1957 to 1963
The New Leave It to Beaver Released  from 1983 to 1989
Tony Dow and Jerry Mathers are known as best friends they have strong bonding between them, Their friendship lasted more than 60 years till Tony Dow’s death.
Jerry Mathers and Tony Dow

How much was Tony Dow worth at his death?

Tony Dow Died in 2022, he was known as a friend of Jerry Mathers and worked together in the leave it to beaver show. Tony Dow’s net worth was $4 Million dollars when he died on 22 July 2022. Jerry Mathers Net Worth is $3 Million Dollars.

Yes, Jerry Mathers tied a knot with Teresa Modnick in 2011 while he divorced his two wives in 1997 and 1981.

Teresa Modnick

There were rumors that Jerry has a signing with Leave it to Beaver that he will be paid as he had shares in the show but he recently tweeted that he did not get any money from the show.



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