Linda Tripp Net Worth (All You Need To Know)

Linda Tripp Net Worth

Linda Rose Tripp was an American well-known personality as a civil servant. Linda Tripp net worth at the time of her death in 2020 is estimated at about $40 Million American dollars.

Linda Tripp is known for her famous role in revealing the Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton Scandal in 1998. She illegally recorded the phones call between Monica and American President Bill Clinton and reveals their relationship. Linda Tripp claims that all her motives were patriotic.

Linda Tripp died on 8th April 2020, due to pancreatic Cancer at the age of seventy. At her death time, Linda Tripp net worth was calculated as $40 Million dollars.

Name Linda Tripp
Linda Tripp Net Worth $40 Million American Dollars
Linda Tripp Net Worth
Linda Tripp Net Worth
Date of Birth: November 24, 1949
Gender: Female
 Linda Tripp Height and Weight: 1.78m (5ft. 8 inches) and 75 kg
Nationality: American/New Jersey
Profession:  Civil Servant

Linda Tripp Early Life & Family

Linda Rose Tripp (Linda Tripp) was born on 24th November 1949 in Jersey City, New Jersey. She was raised by her parents Albert Carotenuto (Father) a school teacher in Maths and Sciences Subjects. Linda Tripp was a former American Soldier Where who met with Linda Tripp’s Mother Inge Carotenuto.

Later on Linda Tripp, parents get divorced in 1968, because her father Albert Carotenuto falls in love with his fellow teacher. Linda Tripp completes her earlier studies and Graduated from Hanover Park High School.

Linda Tripp Net Worth And Family
Linda Tripp Net Worth And Family
Father Name Albert Carotenuto
Mothers Name Inge Carotenuto
Husband Name  Bruce Tripp
Children’s Allison Tripp /Ryan Tripp
Real  Name Linda Rose Tripp

Linda Tripp has a lovely family. She met Bruce Tripp (Military Officer) and Tie the knot with him in 1971, and they had two beautiful children Allison Tripp (daughter), and Ryan Tripp.

Linda Tripp spends her 19 years with her first husband (Bruce Tripp), and they get divorced in 1990. After 14 years in 2004, Linda Tripp once again ties the knot with Dieter Rausch (German architect).

In 2003, Linda Tripp appeared on the live TV show (Larry King) where she claimed that she is living with breast cancer. During COVID-19 she lost her fight against pancreatic cancer and died on 8th April 2020.

Linda Tripp
Linda Tripp Net Worth

Linda Tripp Career

Linda Tripp starts her career after graduation. She was working for the American intelligence Agency as a secretary in Fort Meade, Maryland. Later she was working in the White House as an employee when Clinton became the president of the United State of America.

Linda Tripp became a close associate with Monica Lewinsky. And she claimed that they know each other for more than one year. Monica Lewinsky shares her privacy with Linda that she has a physical relationship with President Bill Clinton.

Linda Tripp decided to collect evidence against Clinton and she secretly recorded the phone calls and she gave tapes to Independent Counsel. Clinton v. jones case was a very big presidential scandal in American history.

Linda Tripp has the tapes records as evidence against Clinton. Linda Tripp claims that she saw Kathleen Willey (White House Volunteer) coming out from the Oval office with messy hair and clothes and lipstick was also removed.

Kathleen claims that Clinton groped her in office. Linda Tripp also has other evidence of a Navy Blue dress soiled with Clinton’s semen. She got lots of questions from social media and in an interview, Linda Tripp claimed that she had done everything purely as a moral citizen of America.

She never feel bad about her actions and said that” I would do it again” in an interview. During the Scandal, Linda Tripp’s employment history was leaked and she claim that it is illegal it was not the same as Lewinsky’s privacy.

In 2001, Linda Tripp was fired from Pentagon, and she ran a year-round holiday store with her second husband Dieter Rausch.

Linda Tripp Net Worth
Linda Tripp Net Worth

Linda Tripp Portrayals

Linda Tripp’s Character is portrayed in Saturday Night Live by famous American Comedian “John Goodman” for betraying her Best friends and leaking her privacy who believes her.

Who is Linda Tripp’s Husband?

Linda Tripp married two times in her life first she tie the knot with Bruce Tripp in 1971, and has two kids with him, after 19 years she gives divorced in 1990.

Linda Tripp married Dieter Rausch in 2004. And have no children.

Dieter Rausch
Linda Tripp  Net Worth And Husband Dieter Rausch

Is Linda Tripp really arrested?

Linda Tripp was arrested when she was 19 years old in 1969. She was arrested for stealing $263 and the Wristwatch cost about $60 dollars.

What was Linda Tripp’s salary during their Pentagon Job?

During their job at the Pentagon Linda Tripp, the salary is about $20,000.Linda Tripp net worth usually comes from Pentagon.

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