Liver King Net Worth (Top Bodybuilder)

Liver King Net Worth

Brian Johnson (Liver King) is a well-known personality on social media as an influencer, businessman, and famous Body Builder. Liver King net worth is $1 Million American Dollars in 2022.

Liver King Became famous for posting videos on TikTok and other social media platforms which gain the most recent viral videos on social media videos he consume a large amount of raw meat. Johnson mostly loves to eat animal liver. Liver king is known as the raw meat eater on social media.

Brian Johnson is not just known for being his raw liver eater and a businessman who advertises dietary supplements. King is also an incredible bodybuilder who has a great physique and a wonderful muscular body.

Liver King net worth of $1 Million, and it’s still increasing day by day just like his popularity on social media.

Name Liver King
Liver King Net Worth $1 Million American Dollars
Liver King Net Worth (Top Bodybuilder)
                                                                                                                                      Liver King Net Worth (Top Bodybuilder)
Date of Birth: August 1977
Gender: Male
Liver King  Height and Weight: 1.7cm (5ft. 7 inches) and 86kg
Nationality: The United States/Texas
Profession:  Bodybuilder/Social Media Influencer

Liver King Early Life & Family

Raw Meat Eater Liver king “Brian Johnson” was born in 1977 in White American Family in Texas, United States. Liver king is raised by his mother. He has a sad childhood after when his father died when he was a young boy.

And his early schooling at a local high school where boys bullied, and teased him, and one boy hit him on his face with a loogie. Later he moves with his mother to San Antonio and lives there.

After moving to San Antonio liver king hit the gym again to avoid being bullied by the bad boys in college and he transformed his skinny body into a Monstrous Muscular body. And complete his graduation at Texas Tech University with Bachelor’s degree in chemistry.

 Liver King Net Worth
                                                                          Liver King Net Worth And Wife
Wife Name Barbara Johnson
Children’s Rad Johnson / Stryker Johnson
Real  Name Brian Johnson

Liver king has a beautiful family. King met his Queen “Barbara Johnson” in 2004 during his first job at a Pharmaceutical Company. This beautiful couple has two strong sons just like him Rad and Stryker.

Liver King Career

Liver King start his career after graduation he was working in the Paramedical Company and earn a lot of money which was enough to complete his dreams and hobbies and then he start living like normal people.

Liver King was a bodybuilder from his college life where his classmate commented on him that he liked Mark Wahlberg which motivates him more toward his bodybuilding.

The liver king is not just looking and living like his ancestors he also follows their diet and mostly eats raw meat which provides him with beneficial nutrients for his health.

Liver King is a digital content creator who uploads videos on popular social networks “YouTube, Tiktok, and Instagram” in which he eats raw meat along with his family. The liver king influences people toward the lifestyle of our ancestors eating raw food and staying at home.

Liver king net worth not only comes from bodybuilding he has sponsored many dietary products and he is also a successful businessman who has his own dietary supplements.

Liver king net worth of $1 Million and it is increasing daily. His source of income is coming from advertising supplements on his social media networks, impressive income from sponsorship, and his own dietary products.

Liver king net worth
Liver king net worth

Liver King Diet

Liver King is a great bodybuilder who is living as our ancestors do. Liver king’s diet mainly consists of raw meat, raw milk, raw liver, animal’s raw organs, protein shake, bone marrow, and cow Testicles.

What are the annual earnings of Liver King?

Liver king’s income is increasing rapidly, and his annual income is $250,000 Dollars. which makes liver king net worth in the millions.

Is the liver king’s family living like ancestors?

The liver king and his lovely family are also living like ancestors eating raw organs, raw meat, bone marrow, etc.

How much liver does liver king eat a day?

The liver king eats liver on daily basis, in an interview he said that he eats 1 pound of liver the minimum in a day.

What does Liver King do for a living?

Liver king is not only a bodybuilder he owns a brand where he sells nutritional supplements. He also earns from social media.


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