Peter Okoye of “Psaqure” takes his twin brothers kids shopping

-Peter Okoye of “Psaqure” takes his twin brothers kids shopping

Peter Okoye of former music brand “Psaqure” has taken his twin brother, Paul Okoye‘s kids for shopping amid a long-lasting misunderstanding.

Paul’s wife, Anita Okoye posted the video of Peter in the shopping hall with her kids getting them new things, the video likewise contained the children testing their new gifts.

Teddy bears, chains, and lots of toys were among the items bought.

Anita was so elated, as she termed it “Christmas in November” stating that with the lots of items her husband’s twin bought her kids, there will not be any need to get more during the Christmas period.

She’s thankful for his kind gesture.

Nigerians on seeing the post were so exceptionally cheerful as they’ve for practically forever needed the siblings back in harmony and as “Psaqure” and not separately.

Watch the video below:

It’s been roughly four years since the brothers disbanded. They’ve since been making music individually, Peter is now known as Mr. P and Paul Okoye as Rudeboy.

Nigerians have been hoping for their return, this is good news to them.

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-Peter Okoye of “Psaqure” takes his twin brothers kids shopping

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