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Where and how often will the Season 8 Pakistan Super League games be played? The time is clearly stated.

According to the Pakistan Cricket Board’s schedule, the Lahore Pakistan Super League’s eighth season will commence on February 9.

According to the private TV network “Jeopar,” the PSL will begin in Multan and end on March 19 with a match in Lahore. Playoff games will also be held in Lahore. On March 14, the PSL’s second game will take place. The games are scheduled for February 15, February 16, February 17, and February 18 in Karachi and Multan. The twelfth game will take place in Karachi.

According to the schedule, February 25 is a rest day, February 26 is a match day in Lahore and Karachi, February 27 is the date of the PSL’s 16th game, and February 28 is a rest day for the first and third matches. this day is On March 2 and March 2 and 4, respectively, the matches will take hold in Rawalpindi and Lahore. From March 5 to March 11, further games, including two on February 7, are planned in Rawalpindi.

Lahore and Rawalpindi will play each other on February 12 in accordance with the schedule that has been made public. On March 13 and 14, the games will be held in Nagaha. On March 15, the playoff games will be played in Lahore.



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