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After Kubra Khan’s threat, Major (Rtd) Adil Raja’s wife fought with him.

Adil Raja’s wife intervened and addressed Kubra Khan appropriately in response to her threat.

This video is bogus, according to a tweet from Sabeen Khan on the social networking site. You mention a video. Adil Raja took your name when? Straw is in a thief’s beard. Additionally, he said in his tweet that Major (Rtd) Adil had expressed his disapproval of visiting London and that he had learned from sources yesterday that an actress will be used to make a defamation action.

It should be remembered that actress Kubra Khan formally apologized to Adil Raja for the unkind remarks and threatened to initiate a lawsuit against him in a London court if he did not do so within three days. Adil Raja answered that he didn’t do anything. Nobody has been identified, and nobody has been wrongly accused.



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