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A businessman from Karachi named Jaber Motiwala prevailed in a significant case involving the British government before the Royal Court of Justice.

London, The British government acknowledged that former home minister Priti Patel had improperly revoked Motiwala’s visit visa, which had been issued to her, and that she had been wrongfully imprisoned after the extradition case was resolved by the London High Court. In a British prison, Jaber Motiwala achieved a significant win against the British authorities.

Jaber Siddique, also known as Jaber Motiwala, brought a challenge against the suspension of his visitation permission, his detention, and his deportation to the US before the UK High Court. a claimed compensation for costs expended during the two-year legal fight against

Motiwala had argued that it wasn’t fair to deny him a visa for a 10-year stay. The Home Department reports that Motiwala’s visitation permit has been renewed for a further six months. between 18 August and 14 April 2018. due to Motiwala’s imprisonment. His Pakistani passport was in the British government’s possession. Because he was unable to comply with the Home Department’s requirements for his Pakistani passport, he was imprisoned until 2021.

In Jaber Motiwala’s review case, Mrs. Justice Alan Bogen of the Royal Court of Justice determined that former Home Secretary Priti Patel had misinterpreted the law and that the Home Office had improperly revoked Motiwala’s visit visa. The verdict was also unjust since there was no use of judgment. After a hearing, the Home Office decided to restore the visa, pay legal fees in the five-figure range, and make damages equal to 7 days in Wandsworth jail.

On April 12, 2021, Motiwala’s attorneys claimed in a statement made on behalf of the Home Secretary that the British prosecution had also willingly agreed to pay the court costs related to Motiwala’s deportation case. However, this payment won’t be paid until it’s been verified. It is being contested in court that the decision to revoke his entrance visa and hold him from April 7 till his deportation on April 14 was made.

Scotland Yard seized Jaber Motiwala in August 2018 as a result of his claimed connections to the prohibited D Company and other unfounded allegations. In April 2017, the FBI detained him as well after Kamran Faridi acknowledged having Jabar Motiwala on his person. He told lies when his pursuers sought to arrest him. After being solved, his case made headlines again in media all over the globe.
After FBI agent Kamran Faridi’s confession, the US government decided not to pursue the case against Motiwala since there was little prospect that he would be tried there.

A British government prosecutor notified the London High Court on behalf of the US government that the US had decided to dismiss the case against Jabir Motiwala and that the US no longer desired his extradition.

The British Home Office decided to revoke his visa and cruelly detain him in Wandsworth Prison for seven days while pretending that he was in the UK, instead of promptly releasing him and returning his passport. He was sent to Pakistan with no permission to remain and then returned.

On April 15 of last year, Jaber Motiwala returned to Karachi, but his attorneys continued their legal action against the British Home Department. He denied talking about his incarceration.



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