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HomenewsSupreme Court: Customs appeal against car delivery dismissed; fine of 50,000 rupees

Supreme Court: Customs appeal against car delivery dismissed; fine of 50,000 rupees

Customs’ appeal against the delivery of the car was denied by the Islamabad Supreme Court, and Pakistan Customs was fined Rs. 50,000 for wasting its time by filing an unnecessary case.

Express News, a privately owned television network, reports that the Supreme Court heard a case involving the extradition of the owner of a non-custom vehicle. DG of Customs Intelligence Faiz Ahmed appeared before the Supreme Court in accordance with the court’s directive. DG Customs was questioned by Justice Qazi Faiz Isa. Do you have a legal exemption? Why don’t you follow the court’s orders? According to three different court decisions, the owner should take control of the car. The man’s car has been in Customs’ custody for five years. If the automobile malfunctions at the warehouse, would you reimburse the owner?

When DG Customs argued that the delivery of the car was an extremely rare occurrence, Justice Muhammad Ali Mazhar questioned what was remarkable about the delivery of the vehicle. The owner has paid all taxes, as per the tax collection letter.

Justice Faiz Isa inquired as to the cost of an automobile made in 1997. Despite assertions by the Director General of Customs that the car would be valued between Rs 20 and 25 lahks, Justice Qazi Faiz Isa said that the matter of money and time exceeded the value of the vehicle. Why don’t you suggest that the border be secured and request that they prevent the entry of used, uncustoms-paid automobiles into Pakistan?

The court denied Pakistan Customs’ request to terminate the matter, rejected their appeal against the handover of the automobile, and fined Pakistan Customs Rs. 50,000 for unnecessary delays.



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