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Supreme Court: Justice Mazahir Naqvi and Advocate General Islamabad were irate in the vehicle accident case.

During the Supreme Court hearing for the case involving the car accident in the Islamabad area, the improper conduct of Justice Mazahir Ali Naqvi and Advocate General of Islamabad Jahangir Jadoon was exposed.

Justice Mazahar Ali Naqvi allegedly questioned whether the court could provide a thorough judgment on the usage of various categories in the case, according to the premium TV network Express-News. An end result may be attained, in accordance with Advocate General Islamabad, if the courts give an order. In Islamabad, Justice Mazahir Naqvi questioned the Advocate General about whether this was within his or her area of competence. Whether the issue is solved or not, you lack legal expertise. General Advocate of Islamabad Cross-examination by Jahangir Jadoon I complained that you, Justice Mazahir Naqvi, were making fun of me since I am the Advocate General of Islamabad, I represent the court, and I have no clients.

What does the Advocate General of Islamabad consider to be a judge’s qualifications? Do you intend to reject his claim? Justice Ijazul Ahsan believes that we may all benefit from one another.

Umair had already received a one-year jail term from the trial court when the Supreme Court remanded the vehicle accident case.



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