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For the first time, Simon was overthrown by Kenwood.

Kenwood began operations in 1965, whereas Simon was formed in 1949. Before Tuesday, the Wolverines frequently defeated the Broncos in basketball despite the fact that the two colleges are not league rivals.

The star guard for Die S. Kenwood, Die Ames, calmly converted two free throws with five seconds remaining to secure a 46-43 win, unfazed by the fact that Simon had never played at his school.

Ames asserts that everything has a first instance.

On the court, the Kansas State prospect dominated. He had 20 points, 6 rebounds, and 4 steals in total. His backcourt connection with Love transfer Tyler Smith has been excellent over the first half of the season. The pair struggled against the top-ranked, unbeaten Wolverines.

Ames said, “We’re playing better than each other.” Today we needed defense, so we concentrated on that, which helped us win.

No. 3 Red-South/Central/14-2 Kenwood committed 17 errors. The Broncos had a four-point advantage after three quarters and had slowed the game to a crawl.

According to Kenwood coach Mike Irwin, “I understood what I had to accomplish coming into Simon’s opposite environment,” therefore that was the strategy. “The pace has to be controlled. Once we were ahead by three, there was no urgency. We did it on purpose.

With 1:46 remaining, Jalen Griffith made a jump shot up top to give Simon a 43-42 advantage once again. The Broncos’ Smith countered with a driving layup, keeping the Wolverines from scoring.

Irwin started a solid defensive group instead of some of the state’s most skilled juniors by selecting senior Solomon Mosley and junior Edwin Dowling.

It was a hit. The 6-8 senior Mosley carried the 6-9 Rubin twins, Miles and Wes, at least in part.

Mosley said, “They were my childhood friends, therefore I am familiar with all of their movements. I could only depend on my own strength. Despite the fact that they may be skilled, I am stronger.

Seven points, seven rebounds, and four blocks were all totaled by Mel Rubin. Weiss also contributed three assists, two blocks, eight rebounds, and seven extra points.

“Mosley was the key to the game,” Irwin said. He’s got muscle. You may make it any size. That is what makes this bunch so lovely. Mosley knew.

According to Simon’s coach Robert Smith, “this squad didn’t lose all spring or summer and began the season with 14 victories, so it’s like Group 40 and one right now.” “At some point, we had to lose. I’m not upset or upset. Getting ready for the next game.

After dominating the weekend’s important national shootouts, Simone entered the match with high hopes. Kenwood, who lost to Young in the Provo West Holiday Tournament finals after a good start to the season, had begun to lose his composure.

Irwin said, “We’re ready to meet everyone. “Simeon is losing for the first time, and I keep telling everyone that this is our city.

Kenwood will go through another test at Currie on Thursday. Irvin also finished a game against Camden, a rival national power from New Jersey.

At DePaul’s McGrath-Phillips Arena on January 20, the Broncos will face Camden and DJ Wagner, probably the greatest player in the country.



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