Tboss mourns sisters’ cat which died from depression



-Tboss mourns sisters’ cat which died from depression

Bigbrother Naija star, Tboss Idowu mourns the death of her sisters’ two kitties.

She revealed one of the cats had choked on her food and died, the next day the other died from depression.

Tboss revealed the depressed cat refused to eat or even poop for about five days before she died. ​Yes, cats and other animals feel said too, the bbnaija star said.

She also revealed, her sister conducted a prayer session for the cat, she also tried everything in her power to comfort the cat and force-feed her but it was to no avail.

Her sister wept as she watched her cat die.

The mother of one said the death of the two kitties made her so sad because they were family to her daughter and herself, they didn’t get a chance to see them before their demise.

Also relating to the victims of the 21 story building collapse, Tboss revealed that she is always overwhelmed with pain and sadness anytime she reads a new update on it.

She said it’s very unfortunate and prays for peace for all the families of the victims.

Tboss is thankful for life.

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-Tboss mourns sisters’ cat which died from depression

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