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Hennessy identified the poisonous creature as “F5 R.”

You already know how to construct a supercar: lighten it, make the suspension better, and add turbochargers. Make sure the rear wing is also quite large. A three out of four is given to the brand-new Hennessey Venom F5 Revolution. Customers will have to settle with the 1,842 horsepower that comes with the basic model, however, since the engine hasn’t been altered.

Like every other vehicle, from the Porsche GT3 RS to the McLaren GTR, downforce is the name of the game for the F5 Revolution. The car’s highest speed was 249 mph thanks to modifications including a bigger front splitter, a longer rear diffuser, new front dive planes, and a huge, adjustable rear wing with stars-and-stripes end plates. more than 635 kg of downforce is produced. 186 mph and 362 kilogrammes. Additionally, 186 mph on a track isn’t exactly absurd with 1,850 horsepower. The Revolution also has more aggressive geometry, forged alloy wheels, and standard adjustable dampers.

In case the 911 Turbo’s power was more than three times that and the quantity of downforce wasn’t sufficient, Hennessey also decreased the weight of the vehicle. With a final weight of slightly under 3,000lb, or 1,360kg, it simply states that “a methodical effort has been given on weight reduction,” saving money compared to a conventional Poison. That is an absurd amount for a car with that kind of power.

Due to its improved aero and suspension, decreased weight, and astounding speed, Hennessey calls the Venom F5 Revolution “a top predator on the racing circuit,” and that assertion is very simple to refute. Imagine the thrill of driving something similar to that to Watkins Glen, Road Atlanta, or VIR. In order to demonstrate to others how quick the Revolution really is, it also features onboard telemetry.

Head engineer John Hennessey of Hennessey said the following about the new car: “From the beginning, we set out to design the Venom F5 hypercar very light and terrifyingly powerful, with features to match. Thus, we were able to develop a car that gives the most intense and visual driving experience by integrating these parts with track-focused aero, suspension, and gearing.

Because there aren’t many poisons, there won’t be many uprisings. Only 24 of the new F5 vehicles will be made, and each will cost $2.7 million, or around £2.2 million, according to Hennessey. It will debut at the Miami Motorcar Cavalcade Concours d’Elegance on Sunday, but there are allegedly only a few rotations left, some of which have already been booked. Therefore, it shouldn’t be surprising if the Revolution Roadster also exists to satisfy the demand.



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