Tisha Campbell Net Worth (All You Need To Know)

Tisha Campbell Net Worth

Tisha Campell is one of the top actresses going around in America. Tisha Campbell Net Worth Is $5000 Thousand American Dollars. Tisha Campell is a versatile actor doing comedy and serial roles in movies.

Tisha Campbell Net Worth comes from her movies, singing, and from her real estate along with tv shows. Tisha Campell Net worth and life were in the headlines when she was having her issues with her x-husband Duane Martin.

Name Tisha Campbell
Net Worth $5000 Thousand dollars
Tisha Campbell Net Worth
Tisha Campbell Net Worth

Tisha Campbell Early Life And Education

Tisha Campbell is an American citizen and is known as a famous actor, singer, and great dancer. Tisha  Campbell was born in beautiful f Oklahoma City on 13 October 1969. Tisha was very fond of singing as her mother and father both loved singing and also teaches her in her childhood.

Tisha Campbell moved to New Jersey where she had done his early schooling and then learned music from the Washington Academy of Music. Their parents had a great input in her singing and acting career.

Date of Birth: October 13, 1969
Gender: Female/Married/Divorced
Height and Weight: 1.6m (5 ft.0 inches) and 60 Kg
Nationality: USA/Oklahoma City
Profession:  Actor, Singer, Dancer

Tisha Campbell

Tisha Campbell’s Twitter Account

Tisha Campbell Family:

Tisha Campbell had a lovely family, Her parents were her role model from childhood. Her mother Mona Washington was by profession a nurse and also a music coach, and her father Clifton Campbell works in a factory and also was a great music teacher.

Tisha Campbell had four brothers and 1 beautiful sister. Tisha Campbell got into a relationship with famous American actor Duane Martin in 1996. The Couple had two beautiful children.

Unfortunately, after 21 years of long marriage in 2018, Tisha Campbell filed for divorce from Martin. After that media and social media discussed Tisha Campbell net worth as trending news.

Father Name Clifton Campbell
Mothers Name Mona Washington
Husband Duane Martin/Divorced
Children’s Xen Martin/Ezekiel Czar Martin
Real Name Tisha Michelle Campbell

Tisha Campbell family

Tisha Campbell Career:

Tisha Campbell is one of those actors who started their career at a very early age, she started when she was just 6 years old with a show name The Big Blue Marble. And then go on to work in shows like Unicorn Tales.

She has done acting in comedy shows as well like Rags to RichesShe also launched her music album known as Tisha which was sold worldwide. She had been in movies such as House party and Sprung.

She has been in many Tv Shows like The Sweetest Gift and  My Wife and Kids and the famous Rita Rock show.

Sprung  Telecasted in 1997 
House Party (1 to 3) Telecasted from 1990 to 1993
The Last Place On Earth  Telecasted in 2002
Rooftops Telecasted in 1989
Rag to Riches and Moe World Telecasted from 1988 to 1990
Grey Anatomy Telecasted in 2018


Tisha Released in 1990
Be Alone Tonight Released in 1988
Don’t Ask My Neighbor Released in 1997
Steel Here Released in 2015
I Don’t Wanna Be Alone Released in 2018
Love Me Down Released in 1993

Real Estate Of Tisha Campbell

Tisha Campbell had a luxurious life and Tisha Campbell net worth allowed her to buy big properties. In the Year 2004, Tisha with her husband purchased a property worth $880,000.

In 2005 they purchased one more property worth $900,000 in Chatsworth. Both couples were having a good lifestyle before the famous Bankruptcy case was reported in 2016.

Bankruptcy Case ON Tisha Campbell

The hot topic all around the United States in 2016 was Tisha Campbell net worth because of the Bankruptcy case that was filed against her and Martin. The court has declared that both  Tisha and Martin are in debt of $15 Million dollars.

Tisha Campbell net worth along with her husband Martin was calculated as $312,000 to $314,000 with their assets between them. They had some real estate and personal properties along with a few Range Rovers.

Tisha and Martin have to sell their properties which they purchased in 2004 and 2005 to pay the debt they have on them, After this incident, the relationship between the couple fell apart. Tisha Campbell filled a divorce document from Martin in 2018 and after the long trial in 2020, they had been separated.

Tisha Campbell-Martin


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