TV Presenter, Anneka Rice reveals she considered killing her father ‘out of Love’ as he suffered Alzheimer’s disease



TV moderator, and telecaster, Anneka Rice has uncovered she considered killing her dad in the wake of watching him fight Alzheimer’s illness.

The moderator, 63, conceded she was unable to bear to watch her father’s experience in the clinic and considered choking out him with a pad after he was analyzed in 2005.

Anneka, who likewise uncovered her mom started to show side effects of dementia after her dad’s burial service 10 years after the fact, added she was unable to finish her father’s life, saying murder ‘isn’t normally in our DNA.’

The Treasure Hunt moderator let audience members know that her dad confessed to the clinic with a wrecked hip amidst his dementia fight talking on her Anneka Has Issues show on Radio 4.

She said: ‘He was stupefied and befuddled and it made me extremely upset. I’d visit consistently, a three-hour full circle, and I recall strikingly taking a gander at my father, normally so smart, and presently so broken in that clinic bed.

‘Furthermore, I looked and I looked, profound into my spirit, and I took a gander at the cushion and I took one of his pads.

‘Also, I looked around the ward and I held the cushion up. Furthermore, I needed such a huge amount to help him on his way – as the entirety of our older guardians tells us ”kindly don’t allow me to wait in torment”.

‘In any case, when the opportunity arrives carrying out the thing is exceedingly difficult. Murder I don’t believe is normally in our DNA.’

‘I told criminological anthropologist and general master on death Dame Sue Black that I almost killed my father.’

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