William Zabka Net Worth (Best You Need To Know)

William Zabka Net Worth

William Michael Zabka is an American popular martial artist, director, producer, Writer, and actor. William Zabka net worth is $3 Million American Dollars in 2022.

William Zabka became famous for his bad guy role in the 1984 movie “The karate kid” and re-booted the version of all 3 karate kid movies, 2018 Netflix Comedy drama series “Cobra kai”.

Cobra kai has currently 5 seasons about 50 Episodes. William Zabka’s salary for each episode is $100,000 American Dollars. William Zabka Net Worth comes from his shows and direction the most.

Name Chanel West Coast
William Zabka Net Worth $3 Million American Dollars


William Zabka Net Worth
        William Zabka Net Worth
Date of Birth: October 20, 1965
Gender: Male
William Zabka  Height and Weight: 1.73m (5ft 7 inches) and 76 kg 
Nationality: USA/New York
Profession:  Actor/Producer/Martial Artist

William Zabka Family and Early Life

William Michael Zabka is a professional actor known for his bad character role “Johnny Lawrence”. William Zabka was born in New York City on 20th October 1965.

William Zabka starts his early studying and graduated from EI Camino Real Charter High School in Los Angeles in 1983, He was also a wrestler in High school.

Before going to university he earns his second degree in martial arts in Green Belt form “Tang Soo Do” karate DoJo. Later he enrolled at California State Degree.

William Zabka Net Worth And family
William Zabka Net Worth And Family

William Zabka (William Michael Zabka) has and lovely family, William Zabka got married to Stacie Zabka in 2008. William Zabka and Stacie Zabka have two beautiful children.

The parents of William Michael Zabka are Stanley Zabka and Nancy Zabka. William Zabka has one sister “Judy Zabka” and one brother “Guy Zabka” who is also a Musician.

William Zabka’s father Stanley Zabka was part of the film industry. He was a director, Writer, and Composer. He directed the popular show “The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson” and his mother, Nancy Zabka was a businesswoman and production Assistant.

Father Name Stanley Zabka
Brother Name Nancy Zabka
Wife Name Stacie Zabka
Children’s Guy Zabka, Judy Zabka
Real  Name William Michael Zabka


William Zabka Career

William Zabka inspires by his father and also his father wants him to be part of the film industry his first Debut was in the movie “The Karate kid (1984)” in which he played “Johnny Lawrence”.

He got the role in the other two parts of the same movie series “The karate kid 2 and 3”, and was also nominated for the “Young Artist Award” in 1985.

During the production of his first movie, he doesn’t have any experience in karate he was inspired by the production of the film and accomplished learning martial arts from Tang Soo do.

After success in the first movie, William Zabka got a role in two other movies “Just one of the Guys (1985)” and “Back to School (1986)”.

William Zabka became more popular in the movie industry he play many bad guy roles and also play the co-star role in the TV series “The Equalizer” in 1986.

William Zabka is also a director and writer, he directed many songs and wrote a short film, and produces “Most”. His shot film became popular and was nominated in 2004 for Academy Award. William Zabka  Net worth was always a hot topic because of his luxurious lifestyle.

William Zabka was known for good characters he got fame and popularity by playing the bad character of “Johnny Lawrence” throughout the karate kid movies and cobra kai TV series. William Zabka Net worth revolves around the success of Cobra Kia.

In 2018 William Zabka return as the co-star with Ralph Macchio in the cobra kai series as the rival who is suffering from his life problems and reopens the cobra kai dojo continues his antagonist character with “Daniel Larusso” (Ralph Macchio).

The Cobra Kai series has been successful in 5 seasons fans are hoping to have season 6 and love to see their favorite character “Johnny Lawrence” (William Michael Zabka) in a series.

William Zabka
 William Zabka Net Worth

How Much Money does William Zabka make from each episode of cobra kai

William Zabka makes $100000 for each episode of Cobra Kai. William Zabka  Net worth is the main contribution that comes to Cobra kai success.

Is William Zabka a real martial artist

William Zabka was not a martial artist before his debut in the film industry. William Zabka learned martial arts from Tang Soo do and he is green belted in karate.

Are Ralph Macchio and William Zabka friends

William Zabka and Ralph Macchio are good friends. William Zabka starts his career with Ralph Macchio in 1984 “The karate kid” and still working with each other in 2022 as co-stars in Cobra Kai.

 Ralph Macchio And William Zabka Really

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