Yeat Net Worth (Young Hip-Hop Star)

Yeat Net Worth

Noah Olivier Smith (Yeat) is a professional Music Producer, Song Writer, and American Rapp star. Yeat net worth is $4.5 Million American Dollars in 2022.

Yeat is an American popular Hip Hop Artist who gain popularity in a very short time and he well-known personality on social media “TikTok”.

Name Yeat
Yeat Net Worth $4.5 Million American Dollars

Yeat got the spotlight and fame after the success of his Mixtape “4L” and the release of his first album “Up 2 Me”  and gain more stardom popularity after his second album success in 2022 “2 Alive”.

Yeat is a new upcoming popular Rapper and one of the young millionaires in America, Yeat net worth of $4.5 Million Dollars in 2022 is just the start of his success.

Date of Birth: Feb 26, 2000
Gender: Male
Yeat Gates Height and Weight: 1.8 m (5ft 9 inches) and 82 Kg
Nationality: American/California 
Profession:  Rapper/ Songwriter/Speaker

Yeat Early Life & Education

Yeat “Noah Olivier Smith” was born on 26th February 2000, in Irvine, California. He was raised by his parents in Portland, Lake Oswego, Oregon, his mother was Romanian and his father is Mexican and was a member of a music Band where he plays instruments in bands.

Yeat was a basketball player in High school football. Unfortunately, he starts experimenting with acids and get addicted to drugs (Acid and weeds) in his early life which cause an effect on his memory loss problems and laziness. Later, he won against his poor habit and focus on his music career.

In a recent interview, he claims that he was inspired by artists “Young Thug” etc. Yeat has an interest in music like his father from an early age. Yeat Completes his early studies at Lakeridge High School.

Who Is Yeat?
Yeat Net Worth
School Name  Lakeridge High School
 Favorite Sports  Basketball
Idol Young Thug

Yeat Career

Yeat was passionate about his music and started his career in 2015 he makes music as Lil Yeat and releases music but unfortunately, his previous content is deleted from the internet and not available anywhere. Later, he appeared on the YouTube “Elevator Channel” and premiered “Brink”.

Yeat releases his first Mixtape on 20th September 2018 “Deep Blue Strips” and “Stay Up (2019)” on YouTube Channel Elevator.

In 2021, Yeat got viral on social media “TikTok, and SoundCloud” and got famous for his mixtape 4L. later he releases his first album “Up to Me” which got a massive hit.

His single song “Sorry Bout That, and Money So Big” increased his fame throughout America and Yeat became popular as Rapper. Later Yeat releases other albums “Two Alive, Lyfe”.

Yeat father was an inspiration for him throughout his career. Yeat popular Rapp Song Twizzy Rich hit the rank in the top 10 “6/200 Billboard” and sold more than 36,000 copies.

Yeat Net Worth
Yeat Net Worth

Yeat Car Collection

Yeat is interested in luxury cars more than anything and he has plenty of cars in his collection and love to ride exotic and luxury cars and mostly rides Muscle cars. Yeat has Ford Mustang, Dodge Challenger, etc.

Yeat Net Worth
Yeat Net Worth And Cars

Yeat Net worth and his car collection are often hot topics on social media, He is a young sensation in the hip-hop industry

Where is Yeat living Currently?

Yeat spent his early life in Lake Oswego and now he’s currently living in Los Angeles.

How Many single songs Yeat have in 2022?

Yeat has 13 singles since his professional career.

Who is Rapper Yeat

How Much Yeat does have in Bank in 2022?

Yeat net worth is estimated to be $4.5 Million Dollars in 2022, but exact figures are not available about his income which is deposited in banks.

What is the Annual income of Yeat?

The estimated annual income of Yeat is $2,5000 Thousand. Yeat Net worth in 2022 is recorded as $4.5  Million.


Is Yeat still taking drugs?

Yeat was addicted to drugs from his early life now Yeat stop taking drugs and totally focused on his music goals and bright career to accomplish.

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